“Sharing your vision to improve outcomes for children, youth, and families.”

Serving vulnerable populations today in California’s everchanging social landscape requires agencies to continuously evolve and improve service delivery. Shared Vision Consultants Inc. (SVC) is a forward-thinking human services consulting firm that provides a wide variety of innovative, client-centered services to public and private agencies. From facilitating organizational change to supporting collaboration across agencies, Shared Vision Consultants can assist your organization every step of the way.

SVC’s diverse team, under the leadership of Lisa Molinar, president, combines “line to leadership”, child welfare policy to practice expertise, and organizational management knowledge with the ultimate outcome of assisting an organization to serve their clientele to the highest potential.  SVC facilitates system change and capacity building within all types of organizations from small to large, rural to urban and both public and private. Understanding the challenges and stressors of the human services profession, the SVC team can assist your organization in meeting today’s challenges.

What We Do: