Lisa Botzler


Lisa joined Shared Vision Consultants in November of 2016.  Her passion is helping families, communities and those that serve them. Lisa is an adaptable, conscientious and innovative professional with expertise in developing staff to meet county and State expectations. She has demonstrated her ability to lead and manage individuals among various programs while improving staff morale and developing working relationships with community partners.


Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science Education in English from Northwest Missouri State University and a Master in Social Work (MSW) from University of Missouri – Kansas City. After receiving her MSW, she worked in Kansas as a therapeutic case manager and a permanency supervisor for child welfare. Her opportunity to work within Kansas’ child welfare system taught her the importance of program integrity and meeting federal and contract outcomes while working with community partners and families utilizing outcome expectations and the accountability that comes with privatized child welfare.


Lisa brought this unique experience to her practice in California where she added new tools to her already successful career. In California she has impacted families and communities as a social worker supervisor in Humboldt County and at adoption Foster Family Agency in Sacramento. All of these experiences prepared her for the role as a consultant for the CDSS Outcomes and Accountability Bureau. While assisting counties through the CFSR process, Lisa utilized extensive knowledge on data collection and accuracy, which translates into measurements that drive services. Most recently Lisa was a social worker supervisor in Sierra County. Because of the small size of the county, Lisa had many hats to wear. Although a social worker supervisor, Lisa also filled the role of analyst, program manager and sometimes deputy director for Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services and In Home Supportive Services.


Traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures and traditions is something Lisa loves and likes to make a part of her professional career as well as her personal life.  Whether at home or traveling, Lisa’s idea of the perfect day would start

with a cup of coffee and good company.